About me

A strange story. Once my grandmother gave me a camera. A great gift, according to my grandmother, should have been called ‘Smena 8M’. To me this gift was ‘not very good’, "so-so" because I was dreaming about a bicycle. And for this reason I quickly broke the camera.

At that time, my life was filled with simple meanings, and it is not surprising, that I was able to link the image of the camera with a dream come true. Probably my relatives understood - the easiest way is to give him what he wants than what is dear to their hearts. Surprisingly, the purchase of the camera allowed to make me a dream a little bit closer, and soon I was provided with the bike.

Nowdays, much later from the event, as well as then, the camera is for me more than just a device which can detect the reflected light from the object, the sense is not so simple. It fills them projections or reality, colors or shadows, emotions or dreams.